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Near future regular world, science fiction

Somewhere in the future the online world runs primarily on the Synchronicity Engine, ruled by AiLean - an advanced artificial intelligence created by Ilythia Vanberghe: founder, lead scientist and figure head of the IlluVita corporation. Three years ago the company released its 'pièce de résistance', an MMO-game called Synchronicity Online. It became an instant hit.
Dana had only recently the chance to dive into the modern technological wonders of her time. Yet now she finds herself thrust into the mysterious workings of the massively popular game while catching up to the times she lives in. But will Synchronicity Online actually be an improvement to her life? 

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Nele Falise

Author - Writer - Storyteller

I've made up stories for as long as I can remember, and my desire to share them has always been there. I love stories about magic and doing the impossible; of saving lifes and even the entire known world; of how the underdog crawls their way to the top; of how a nobody secretly turns out to be a somebody. Fantasy and Science Fiction will always be my favourite genres, in both oral, written and visual form. I don't discriminate: I love books as much as movies and even comic books. That said, I'm not a movie-director or any good at drawing thus I'll present my stories to you in the written or spoken form. Enjoy!

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